FAQ – Frequently asked questions


Majority of our products is available in a form of .exe instalation pack. At the beginning of installation, it is necessary to set path to the game and a licence key (You can find it in confirmation email of Your order or in My account/Orders section).

The game is most often installed in these paths

C:\Program Files\Steam Games\SteamApps\common\RailWorks

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam Games\SteamApps\common\RailWorks

or some other paths to Steam games folder.

Each product has its compatible version written in tech specifications. Backwards compatibility with older versions is not guaranteed.

Each product has its own manual in folder Railworks/Manuals/EN with prefix [K]. They are also available on the products page.

If You have bought the product in Czech version of the shop, activation key might not be showing in Your account with English language set. If this happened, set language to Czech and get the key.


There are currently supported two payment methods – payment via card and bank transfer.

Immedieately after payments arrival and its pairing with the order, You will get email confirming success of Your order and containing license keys. In a case of payment via bank transfer it is possible that it may taky a few days.

User account

Nemusíte, nákup je možný i bez registrace. Zaregistrování ovšem přináší výhody z hlediska přehlednosti Vašich nákupů.

You don´t  have to, the purchase is possible even as a guest. However, registration brings some advantages such as better clarity of your purchases.

You can remove Your account by clicking on delete button in section “My Account”.


In case of any further questions please contact us here.